(TORONTO, ONTARIO) – Over the Bridge is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with TheatreArtLife to co-promote a very important social media content series called The Importance of Peer Support.

Beginning on Monday, Nov 29th, Over the 6 weeks, we’ll be working together to break down peer support and how it can benefit the artistic community.

“Careers in entertainment are tough! We don’t work the normal hours, days or routines like many in the 9 to 5 world. Here at TheatreArtLife, we see people from all over the globe working across the spectrum of entertainment; onstage, backstage, and in management with similar stresses and challenges. We are of the belief that Peer Support is an important foundation of a long and enjoyable career in the arts. We are excited to partner with Over the Bridge on this series and hope you will benefit from the insights we will share with you”, says Anna Robb, Co-Founder & Managing Director of TheatreArtLife.

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