(TORONTO, ONTARIO) – Over The Bridge is proud to announce its latest partnership with Smoke & Felt, a full-service marketing agency that stands at the intersection of technology and progressive politics. Founded by Matt Dusenbury after more than a decade delivering innovative solutions to complex marketing and communications challenges, the company began with a focus on creating digital books and other media for progressive Canadian clients and publishers.

Smoke & Felt will collaborate with Over the Bridge on its media and communications to extend the great work the Toronto group has already done building its community and support network, while providing a library of resources to a growing audience.

“I’m thrilled to have Smoke & Felt partner with Over the Bridge at this critical point in time,” said Matt Dusenbury, Founder of Smoke & Felt. “The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll across musicians, artists, technicians, and all members of the music community – people who we often look to provide us with comfort and support during our own challenging times. As an organization, Over the Bridge aims to support industry workers struggling with mental health, substance use disorder, and other issues. We are proud to join with them in this noble cause.”

Since 2017, Over the Bridge has trained, educated, and/or emotionally supported over 2,000 music industry members. Most recently, Over the Bridge found an international audience with the Lost Tapes of the 27 Club, an innovative campaign that used artificial intelligence to imagine artistic creations from musicians whose lives were tragically lost too early. This new collaboration will add Smoke & Felt’s formidable communications and media talents to Over the Bridge’s growing reach and resources.

“Changing the conversation about mental health and recovery in the music community is our mission, and how we communicate is not only vital to the success of Over The Bridge but also the well-being of our community members,” said Ace Piva, co-founder of Over The Bridge.

“At this moment, we find ourselves at the beginning of a number of powerful campaigns, and communicating our messages and happenings in just the right way is extremely important to us. With Smoke & Felt’s experience working with non-profit organizations and progressive community groups, we could not imagine a better fit. We are excited to make these big changes together.”

Mental health and substance use disorder are not new issues in the music industry. Through its partnership with Smoke & Felt, Over the Bridge will grow its tools, resources, and outreach capabilities, allowing the organization to provide stronger awareness and support for those in need.

“Smoke & Felt is an organization dedicated to furthering the ambitious goals of progressive organizations, whether that’s workers’ rights, political movements, or stronger protections for people’s health and well-being,” said Dusenbury. ”While the entertainment industries have long considered people’s health as an afterthought, I’m glad organizations like Over the Bridge are pushing back against the destructive narratives in music to support people’s well-being. Together we will change the conversation on mental health in music.”

For more information on Smoke & Felt, visit smokeandfelt.com

If you or someone you know is struggling and works on or off the stage in the music industry, please get in touch with Over The Bridge.