ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The Story Behind The Music
Artist: Lucas Ulbinas / John Mitrikas
Song: Rainy Day Walks
R.I.P Lucas Ulbinas August 24, 1992 – January 6, 2021

After the passing of Lucias Ulbinas, his brother Todd discovered written lyrics to an unfinished song. The song was about hope and living life to the fullest. Todd shared the lyrics with their cousin John and he weaved them into a beautiful song called Rainy Day Walks, which will help the legacy of Lucas Ulbinas continue for years to come.

R.I.P Lucas Ulbinas August 24, 1992 – January 6, 2021 


Walkin’ down the street in the rain
Nothing to lose and nothing to gain
La da da da da da da da da da da
Don’t have a hat or rain boots too
Forgot my raincoat and I’m singing the blues
La da da…

If you see a glum chum walking down the street
Singing the blues or draggin’ his feet
Send him a gift, a parcel, and maybe a smile
(4) Maybe they’ll return it just for a while

People to duck, dip, dive, and dodge
Or cuddle up next to the ones they love
Staying inside or finding some shelter
Hoping for blue skies or something better
There’s no point in being down
You’re better off getting wet and goofing around

Splush splashing in your favourite puddle
Or slip ‘n slide on a big ol’ mud hill
La da da da…

So the next time that it starts to rain
Don’t complain if the weather don’t change
La da da…
Just grab your lover and go for a walk
‘Cause a rainy walk beats an inside talk
La da da da…

It’s all about perspective, it’s part of the game
Gotta get out, stop being oh so lame
Be fierce, free, and wild
C’mon now, and act just like a child

Here here, let me fill your cup
I know it’s half empty so I’ll top ‘er up
La da dada
So open your ears and let me tell ya
You don’t need a damn umbrella
La da da da

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