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Over The Bridge Donate Naloxone Training


Naloxone is a synthetic drug that blocks or reverses the effects of opioid medication, including extreme drowsiness, slowed breathing or loss of consciousness. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic.

Naloxone is used to treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. This medicine should not be used in place of emergency medical care for an overdose.

Naloxone is also used to help diagnose whether a person has used an overdose of an opioid.


A Naloxone Take Home Injectable (THN) Kit contains everything that is needed to help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

Each kit contains: Two (2) 0.4 mg/ml bottles naloxone, alcohol swabs, latex gloves, rescue breathing mask, syringes, and steps to respond to an opioid overdose. When injecting naloxone the needle into the muscle tissues it takes 2-3 minutes to take effect.

In Ontario, Canada Over The Bridge has partnered with Marchese Health Care to provide life-saving naloxone training to the Ontario music community at live music venues and festivals.

Naloxone Training Overview

Each session consist of 3 parts
Part 1: Training will begin with a staff introduction, distribution of opioid overdose prevention education, instructions and Kit.
Part 2: Training: what signs to look for, how to use a kit (Approximately 15 mins)
Part 3: Question and Answer Session.

Venues, festivals, musicians, and music companies: For more information on how OTB can connect you to Naloxone training. EMAIL:

Marchese Health Care