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The world is facing an opioid crisis and the music industry is no exception. However, there are things you can learn to help save lives — like being trained on how to use Naloxone, a synthetic drug used in an overdose situation that can block or reverse the effects of opioids. 
Run in partnership with Marchese Health Care, our free life-saving Naloxone training workshop begins with a staff introduction and distribution of opioid overdose prevention education, instructions, and kits. Through this workshop, you’ll learn how to spot signs of an overdose, as well as learn how to use two different types of Naloxone kits (Injectable and Nasal Spray). 
If you’re a venue or festival operator, or other music industry member, contact us below and we will coordinate a time and place to provide this life-saving training to you and your staff.


Do venue/festival/promoters have any legal liability if staff administrates naloxone?

NO, North American Good Samaritan laws generally provide basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger.
In essence, these laws protect the “Good Samaritan” from liability if unintended consequences result from their assistance.

Can someone build a tolerance to naloxone?2020-02-25T12:09:12+00:00

No, people will not develop tolerance to naloxone – it can be used as effectively on the 1st overdose as on the 8th overdose. for example: Naloxone/naloxone itself does not evoke ‘violent’ reactions in folks – but people may be in withdrawal and/or confused.

Can naloxone be safely used if it is expired?2020-02-25T12:09:31+00:00

Expired naloxone will not hurt the victim but probably does not work as well as new naloxone. We encourage participants to exchange expired naloxone for a new supply.

Can naloxone legally across the US/Canadian border?2020-02-25T12:10:50+00:00

FDA will not object to the personal importation of non-prescription medicines, as long as:
• The traveler is carrying the products in their possession (or in their luggage)
• The amount being carried is an amount reasonably considered for personal use.

Are there age restrictions for administering naloxone?
Is it safe to give to teens?

Naloxone is a very safe drug that is used across ages; yes you would give naloxone regardless of age.

Who should NOT use Naloxone?2020-02-25T12:11:25+00:00

Do not use Naloxone if you are sure that the patient is allergic to naloxone hydrochloride or to any of the ingredients in Naloxone.

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