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The Selfie Project


In the day and age of self-publication and self storytelling, Over The Bridge (OTB) would like to call on members of the music industry that is coping or has coped with mental health and/or addiction issues to send in a selfie along with a short paragraph sharing their story and their coping strategies. From there, OTB will publish the submitted selfie photos, names and job titles on OTB social media platforms. OTB will then select a ‘Featured Selfie’ where that selected selfie will be published on the website along with a short article written about the featured individual. This project, along with OTB social media presence, will show the music community that no one is alone in their struggles, promote peer to peer support, and open dialogue.


Over The Bridge issues a social media call to action to the music industry explaining the details and goals of the campaign.

People working in the music industry (musicians or otherwise) can then go to the OTB website and fill out the form to submit a selfie and short paragraph on themselves.

Over The Bridge will publish all submitted selfie photos on social media, with one selfie being selected as the “featured selfie” where it will be published on with a short article on that person.


The goal of the Over The Bridge Selfie Photo Campaign is to connect members of the music community with the same or similar addiction recovery or mental health struggles. It is our belief the more awareness we create, it will end the stigma and encourage positive discussion. We will show each other no one is alone. This can result in more of our music industry gaining access to resources and help in times of crisis.