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Post-Post Performance Mood Responses (PPMR) in Musicians: How Emotional Highs and Lows are Managed Backstage

Between Nov 1 – Dec 13, 2017, Researchers, Paul “Ace” Piva (Over The Bridge), Dr. Nathan Cooper, Nickie Buchok and McMaster University, used social media to invite musicians from around the world to participate in the study survey.

The endpoint of the PPMR study is to evaluate whether musicians have positive or negative mood responses after performances and identify how the positive or negative mood responses are managed.

In addition, we would like to assess if there are patterns amongst and between musicians based on demographic information, as well as patterns in how they manage their post-performance mood responses.

UPDATE: June 1st 2018 The researchers and ethics board at McMaster University are currently analyzing the collected data. We are hoping to be able to present our findings in the next few months.